A tiger is a sick cat when he doesn't dare. He's the king! So everyone can be king but at the same time can be sick cat, the key is your own choice!

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              46. The most common form of courage is honesty and integrity in everyday life, the ability to resist temptation, the courage to speak the truth, the expression of one's true side rather than hypocrisy.51. The seeds of never sings a curse to barren soil.1. when you are full of rice, you are very comfortable; when one day the rice tank bottom, only to find that want to jump out of the powerless. There is a trap called ease! Remember: Don't choose comfort at the age you can endure! It's easy, but it's too hard!56. A wide range of views, thick and thin hair. Su Shi

              33. Simplicity moves my heart more than clever words. Shakespeare

              30. Redouble your efforts to prove that what you want is not a castle in the air. Victory came only after many defeats.Failure doesn't mean you' re bad, it's a reminder you should try.73. Ten years later, all the sadness was served.100. If you have a dream, go after it. If you have no dream, the soul is empty.94. In the face of opportunity, you have to be brave, to lose or to win is an experience, a can not buy wealth.7. the most exhausting thing in the world is to live in hypocrisy.3. only their respect for their own people, more courage to reduce themselves.59. The mountain will fall, the water will flow, on their own will never fall.85.While you agree on this road, why bother about how long it will take

              Self-confidence is a person's courage, with this courage, you will be invincible!54. Arrogant cold mania cold, not good people use words; strong and full of free struggle enterprising and pessimistic people are not.90. There are two kinds of lonely people, one is to understand everything, the other is to understand nothing.69. Shushan Road, Eagle Falcon Xiang empty; heart Chi North Sea, Zhicun Hua Palace!39. Keep in mind that every day is the best day.86. Difficulties inspire the strength to move forward; setbacks, hone the courage to struggle; failure, show the direction of success.26. A strong man is not able to deal with everything, but to ignore all harm.63. No matter how long the road, step by step can also be completed, no matter how short the road, without feet can not reach.41. Youth is a symbol of vigorous progress and a golden age of struggle.Day and day travel, not afraid of thousands of miles; often do, not afraid of thousands of things.44. Learn written arts and crafts.There is nothing difficult in the world but to climb.60. If you believe that stone will blossom, it is not just stone that will blossom.


              100. Believe that dreams are the source of value, believe that vision determines everything in the future, believe that the belief in success is more important than success itself, believe that there are setbacks in life without failure, believe that the quality of life comes from the belief that there is no compromise.86. To live a life of love, a life of love, a happy life, a happy life, a happy work, a happy life, the ideal of life is actually an ideal life!89. A man can achieve his purpose only if he pursues it strongly and persistently.42. Those who lose money lose little, those who lose health lose much, those who lose courage lose everything.62. There is no fast track to success and no highway to happiness. All success comes from tireless efforts and running; all happiness comes from ordinary struggle and persistence.89. In life can not be too weak, everyone has a strong reason, vulnerable time must be their own efforts to stand up, life when self-improvement, their own strong than anything important!{静态_随机英句91. The belief that faith can prevail over everything is in itself one of the greatest beliefs.10. Life to folly is has passed, life to evil is good talk about people. Shenju YunIf you want to get it, you get it. All you have to do is act.Never explain yourself to anyone. Because people who like you don't need it, and people who do n' t like you won't believe it.

              77. There is no limit to my life for men.The trees are still and the wind is not. Han, Han Ying37. Any of your shortcomings will be featured when you succeed.24. No more intelligence than effort; no more start than progress.68. If you don't strive for what you want, you' ll never have it.

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